Live casinos - What are they?

live casino

Online casinos have always tried to mimic the feel of real casinos in every way. They have managed to fulfil the ambition of every online casino owner and make the online casino experience as good as the real thing. You can read through our guide and find out which are the best live casinos, which offer the best experience.

You’ll be given the option of playing some of the world’s most popular casino games such as Roulette, Poker, BlackJack, Baccarat and many more. Those games will be played by you, over the internet and a live casino croupier which you can watch, instead of playing on the casino software. If you enjoy playing casino games online with other people, live online casinos are definitely for you.

The main advantages of live casinos are that there is a live dealer and that casino software is not being used to play the games, as the dealer ensures the game is running smoothly instead, making gamblers feel as if they are on that same table as the dealer. Playing this way makes the gamblers feel closer to the real casino experience, you can chat with the dealer and other players in the chat and you can actually see the dealers shuffle the cards instead of a computer

Which are the most popular live casino games?

The most popular casino ganes are:

  1. Blackjack
  2. Roulette
  3. Baccarat